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A tiger expedition through southern India

For the first time I am traveling through tropical southern India with my two guests Lisa and Chris from the USA, where we visit, among other things, the two large tiger reserves Nagarahole and Bandipur in the state of Karnataka. You can follow our tour live on Polarstep and Instagram.

Bangalore, our starting point, took us on an unforgettable journey through the diverse landscape of southern India. After leaving the dynamic energy of the modern metropolis for India behind us, the first stop took us via picturesque jungle landscapes dotted with hills to Mysore, which enchanted us with its cultural splendor. The historic temples and complexes of Srinapatna and Somnatapura enchanted us. But the real adventure began when we crossed the gates of Nagarahole National Park.

The magical forest of Nagarahole

Safaris in Nagarahole National Park are like diving into another world. The dense and breathtakingly beautiful forest, lined with majestic trees, provides the perfect habitat for a variety of animals. The majestic elephants, playful Asian wild dogs and smooth-coated otters as well as mighty gaurs, the largest wild cattle on earth, left us in awe. And then, the crown jewel of a safari in India a mighty tigress in her prime, who leisurely crossed the clearing right in front of our jeep, unperturbed by our excitement and the frency clicking of our cameras.

What awaits us in Bandipur

While we are still under the spell of Nagarahole, our eyes and ears are already focused on the adventure ahead in Bandipur. This gem of nature promises a similar yet unique experience. Directly adjacent to Nagarahole, Bandipur promises good opportunities for elephants and leopards. We look forward to more exciting safaris and alarm calls. The anticipation of exploring this park, which is still unknown to us, makes our hearts beat faster.

The journey continues

The journey through the wonders of South India promises many more captivating experiences. After Bandipur we go to the famous hill station Ooty with its green tea fields, the magnificent waterfalls at Athirapilly and the enchanting waterways of Allepey, which we will explore on a houseboat with our own chef. Each additional stop will allow us to delve deeper into the beauty and diversity of this region. If you are interested in exploring the Indian Wildlife yourself, check out our tiger tours.

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