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A typical tiger safari is different from a Safari in Africa

A tiger safari is different from a safari in Africa – the king of the jungle will not be served to you on a silver platter. It's about listening, searching and waiting – the jungle's voices give clues as to how it will stay. But will it show itself? This mood of tension and joyful expectation will captivate you.

A typical tiger safari is unlike an African safari
A tiger sighting in Corbett National Park

„I have traveled through most countries of southern Africa and seen many lions – but when I saw my first wild tiger, I was simply overwhelmed. The electrifying feeling of that moment has never let go of me ever since.“ Hans Lippuner, customer

And all of a sudden there he is! All the waiting and searching is forgotten – this electrifying feeling, the awe and admiration, that his sight triggers in you, are the defining ingredients of every tiger safari. Allow yourself to embark on this adventure!

Did you know that India is home to 5 species of big cats?

India is the only country on earth that harbors five big cats: besides the tiger you will find leopards including the black panther, Asiatic lions, snow leopards and clouded leopards on the subcontinent.

Big Cats of India takes you into the last natural wonderlands of the Indian sub-continent in the footsteps of these big cats – a very different India from the one you might imagine. Here reigns silence, here you breathe fresh air and only here you meet some of the most impressive creatures of this planet!

There is no guarantee for sightings, but depending on the tiger reserve or national park and season, the chances are good. Pay tribute to all the other creatures you see and enjoy every single moment: deer, monkeys, antelope, elephants, gaur, crocodiles, hyenas, sloth bears... Not to mention the world of birds – up to 600 species in a single park make the heart of every ornithologist beat faster.

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