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Satpura National Park

The picturesque kingdom of 6 species of wild cat

Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park

Hoshangabad District, Madhya Pradesh



Bhopal, 190 km

1339 km2 including Bori and Pachmarhi + 794 km2 buffer zone



Oktober 16 – June 30



November to April


The name Satpura means "seven hills" in Sanskrit and is derived from the range of hills of the same name that runs through the park. Together with the adjacent wildlife reserves of Bori and Pachmarhi, Satpura forms a unique natural landscape in the central Indian highlands that covers more than 1427 km2 and boasts an extremely high biodiversity.


Satpura's beautifully green landscape is rugged and consists of a mixture of sandstone hills, narrow gorges with streams, valleys and dense forests. The terrain bridges an altitude difference of more than 1000 meters and varies between 300 and 1352 meters above sea level.


Satpura is a highlight for nature lovers who don't want to see a tiger in the first place – there are considerably fewer tourists and jeeps on the road here than in the more famous parks, tiger sightings are also rather rare. But Satpura boasts a fantastic landscape with a breathtaking biodiversity: there are 6 species of wild cats living here and good chances of spotting leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears, which are rarely seen in other central Indian parks. Satpura offers you a unique natural experience - it is the only tiger reserve in India where you can go on a walking safari. Tours on the water are also possible thanks to the Tawa River and the reservoir bearing the same name.

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