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Pench National Park

Mowgli's realm

Tigerin mit Jungen im Pench National-Park

Pench National Park
Seoni District, Madhya Pradesh



Nagpur, 93 km

293 km2 + 465 km2 buffer zone



Oktober 1 – June 30



February to April; October to January are also good as it doesn't get too cold and the jungle is then beautifully green.

Our tiger safaris in Pench National Park

Wild Central India



16 Days



USD 2990.–

Luxurious Central India



15 Days



USD 7700.–

Karte Pench-Nationalpark
Fauna of Pench National Park

Bengal tigerIndian leopardstriped hyenasloth bear, Asiatic wild dog (dhole)Indian bison (gaur), spotted deer (chital)sambar deerIndian boarbarking deer (muntjac)Bengal foxblue bull (nilgai)leopard catjungle catIndian crested porcupineIndian haremouse deerfour-horned antelopegray langurgolden jackalIndian wolfrhesus macaquesmall Indian civetAsian palm civet

Portrait of Pench National Park

Pench National Park is spread across the two states of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and is located in the highlands of central India. Pench is connected to Kanha via a healthy forest corridor. This corridor is used by many animals including the tigers. There is evidence of certain tigers migrating from Kanha to Pench and back. The tiger population is very healthy and the chances of sightings very good. The well-known BBC Documentary Spy in the Jungle with hidden elephant cameras was filmed in Pench. ​

Terrain of Pench National Park

Pench is one of the few areas of central India dominated by teak forest. The hilly terrain with lawn-like meadows and light forest seems to come out of a fairy tale. The Pench River, lined by large granite boulders, flows through the middle of the park and gives its name to it. The huge Totladoh dam is also part of the national park. 

Peculiarities about about Pench National Park

The area around today's Pench National Park was the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's world-famous jungle book. Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, Shere Khan the tiger and Mowgli the human boy raised by wolves is known by every child. Only few know that in India several so-called "wolf children" have actually been found in the jungle. Unfortunately, none of them could be reintegrated into human society and all died after a few years. 


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