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Panna National Park

Safaris in dreamlike surroundings

Panna National Park



Khajuraho, 37 km

543 km2



October 16 – June 30



November to May, between December and February it can get cold. Very hot from May.

Portrait of Panna National Park

Panna wrote tiger history in India. Not long ago, the tiger population of the park was completely wiped out by poachers. Sariska in Rajasthan had the same fate. That led to a bitter awakening in the administration of the tiger reserves of India - for too long one had looked away. The disaster became a chance to learn from past failures. The population was rebuilt and better protected with tigers from Bandhavgarh and Kanha, so that today again about 35 striped big cats call Panna their empire.

Terrain of Panna National Park

The picturesque Panna Tiger Reserve is one of the most beautiful tiger reserves in India, packed with breathtaking waterfalls, deep gorges and mixed dry deciduous forests. The Ken River flows through Panna and creates spectacular waterfalls on its way into the valley. The biodiversity of this national park is extremely rich.

Peculiarities of Panna National Park

Panna offers very good sightings of leopards and on the impressive cliffs of the park there is a large vulture population that has been almost exterminated elsewhere in India. The World Heritage Site of Khajuraho is only 25 km away and can easily be added to your itinerary.

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