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When I was four years old there was only one animal that captivated me without exception: the tiger.

My family gave me plush leopards, lions and panthers, but I only wanted the one with the stripes. Today all big cats fascinate me, but the tiger remains the undisputed king.

Luc Lippuner, Gründer von Big Cats of India
Luc Lippuner

Founder of Big Cats of India

With the jungle book I discovered my fascination for India's wildlife – the land of the tiger. On television they showed lions in the African savannah, but I was more interested in the jungles of India. For 25 years I have been devouring books about the Indian national parks before finally, eight years ago I embarked on the first journey to encounter a wild tiger. Ever since I have been on fire.


Out of this passion I founded Big Cats of India. Everyone shall have the opportunity to witness this magic! As a small startup with established safari partners in India I want to share my enthusiasm with you! Choose one of our recommended tiger tours with a flexible date, let us put together your dream tiger safari