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Blaue Tiger-Tatze
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Interview on the Radio with Big Cats of India

Why go on tiger tours with us?




pain free

We'll get you into the tiger groove. You must experience that feeling of looking a wild tiger, leopard or lion in the eye. Experience this electrifying tingling on your skin that will leave you breathless!

None of our tiger tours are alike. Our standard big cat trips are already highly individual – we are happy to further tailor them to your personal liking. 

You shall travel with a clear conscience. That is why we donate 2% of your tiger tour price to a local charity. Tigers, residents and jungle will benefit from your visit. 

Visits to tiger reserves are strictly regulated, bureaucratic and must be applied for at an early stage. We take care of all permits and organizational issues. Sit back and relax to enjoy the beauty of India!
Sorglose Organisation der Tiger-Safari
Elektrisierendes Gefühl
Nachhaltig reisen
Individuell angepasst




The tiger feeling

Browse through our recommended tiger tours and get inspired. We will gladly put together your individual dream.