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Experience the breathtaking sensation of encountering a wild tiger

Be it a magnet of admiration or an authority that inspires respect very few people can escape the concentrated power and grace of the tiger. Countless brands, sports clubs and towns adorn their logos with its face. And many of us dream of being able to observe it in its natural habitat. For the feeling of looking a wild tiger in the eye is simply indescribable.

Every child knows the tiger as probably the most popular animal on earth. But even this popularity could not save him from near extinction in the wild. In 2014, there were only 1411 tigers left in the whole of India! Fortunately, the subcontinent has since managed to counteract this downward trend. Today, thanks to rigorous protection, there is a growing population of around 3,000 animals in India and Nepal combined. As a result, these two countries offer the only realistic chance in the world to encounter a tiger in the wild .

The feeling that the sight of a wild tiger triggers in a person is difficult to describe. Its piercing gaze will make you feel as if it is looking directly into your soul and reading your deepest longings. Simultaneously, your body freezes in a mixture of awe and fascination. In the radio report of Radio L (in Swiss German), owner Luc Lippuner tries to describe this feeling.

Do you want to experience this feeling in your own skin? If so, you should consider a tiger safari in the land of the jungle book. Even seasoned Africa travelers who have ambushed countless lions and leopards can't escape the fascination of the biggest of all big cats. Big Cats of India knows the best national parks in India and Nepal including those that no one has on their radar.

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