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Tadoba National Park

The dry deciduous forest in the heart of the subcontinent

Gaur in Tadoba

Tadoba Andhari National Park

Chandrapur District, Maharashtra


Nagpur, 150 km

625km2 + 578 km2 reserve forest + 33 km2 protective forest



Oktober 15 – June 30



After the monsoon in October and November, the forest sparkles in rich green and full of blossoms – a beautiful travel time. The tropical climate also makes winter a good time to travel. The best tiger sightings take place in the very hot and dry months of April and May.

Our tiger safari in Tadoba National Park

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16 days



CHF 3700.–

Fauna of Tadoba National Park

Bengal tiger, black panther, Indian leopardstriped hyenasloth bearjungle catsambar deerspotted deer (chital)Indian boarIndian bison (gaur)Asiatic wild dog (dhole)blue bull (nilgai)barking deer (muntjac)four-horned antelopegray langursmall Indian civetNorthern palm squirrelhoney badgerAsian palm civetmugger crocodileIndian star tortoise

Portrait of Tadoba National Park

The Tadoba-Andhari National Park in the central Indian state of Maharashtra has gained massive popularity in the last few years after tiger sightings rose exponentially thanks to effective protective measures. Today, Tadoba offers a good chance of spotting the king of the jungle. The tropical climate with mild winters makes a visit in winter very pleasant in contrast to the more northern parks. The documentary Wild India by National Geographic was filmed in Tadoba.

Terrain of Tadoba National Park

The landscape of Tadoba is dominated by dry deciduous forests and bamboo thickets, of which teak is the most common tree species. The strikingly white and usually isolated ghost trees are also a typical image of the area. The park has two lakes – Tadoba and Kolsa Lake, the first of which has a healthy population of mugger crocodiles. 

Peculiarities of Tadoba National Park

Nowadays Tadoba is considered the top destination among all those who want to keep the chances of a tiger sighting as high as possible. Besides tigers there are also good chances to spot wild dogs, sloth bears and leopards. Moreover, there is currently a black leopard living within Tadoba that is rarely sighted but has sparked a lot of interest.

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