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Bera Leopard Reserve

Spots reign supreme here

Leopardess with Cubs in Bera

Udaipur, 134 km and Jodhpur, 173 km



September 1 – Mai 15


October – March


Bera in Rajasthan is located near the Jawai dam and is known for its great leopard sightings. Just a few years ago, Bera was a completely unknown place on the Indian nature conservation map, but suddenly leopard sightings skyrocketed. Today it is one of the best places in Asia to see wild leopards.


The landscape is characterized by dry, thorny savannah forest and open plains, which are crossed by hilly rock formations. The leopards live in and around these hills, where there are plenty of hiding places where they feel at home.


Bera is actually an agricultural area and does not have the status of a national park, which is strictly closed off. Recently, however, on the initiative of the population and the shepherds who live peacefully with the leopards, it was declared India's largest municipal protected area.

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