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Sustainability at Big Cats of India

Big Cats of India sees its justification in organizing and carrying out nature trips solely so long as the local population and nature benefit. Without the support and tolerance of local inhabitants towards potentially dangerous animals, no safari would be possible in the near future. Thus we donate 2% of the travel costs to a charitable organization – you choose which of the selected projects you support. The extraordinary natural heritage of the Indian subcontinent is hanging by a thread: population growth, poverty and environmental pollution are a constant threat – the last pockets of untouched nature are becoming smaller and more isolated – without connecting corridors, elephants, tigers and other animals are crammed into ever smaller spaces and increasingly come into conflict with humans. Secure the future of these wild havens and the big cats of India by choosing which project you want to support with your journey.

Waste Warriors

Logo der Waste Warriors in Corbett

The Waste Warriors are making every effort to clean the buffer zone around Corbett National Park of waste – a major problem throughout India – and recycle reusable materials. Everyone benefits from this.

Kanha Bhoorsingh Play School

Bhoorsingh Play School Schulzimmer
Bhoorsingh Play School Team

This school at the entrance to Kanha National Park is run by the forest department and is mainly financed by donations. It offers a high quality education in English, Computer Science, Science and Mathematics to the children of the employees of the national park as well as to the other children of the region. This gives these children a perspective for the future – an exception in rural areas of India, where schools have hardly any funds available for teaching such subjects. With about 100 US $ you support a student during a whole school year – calculate for yourself how much you can contribute with your journey. If you stop in Kanha during your trip, take the opportunity to visit the school. We will be happy to plan this for you. You can find more information about the project in the attached PDF file.


Logo Panthera

If you prefer to support a global organization, we recommend Panthera, based in New York, which is committed to the 43 remaining species of wild cats across the globe. Panthera's lighthouse project "Tigers Forever" works to save and connect the tiger's last habitats in three major geographical regions of the Indian subcontinent (Terai, Central India and Western Ghats) as well as in Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Sumatra.

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